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Admission going on for the academic session 2024-26. Please contact : 8642040886
Health and Physical Education Resource Centre :
Regular basic health check up facilities include Thermometer, Glucometer (for glucose level test) Sphigmomanometer (for Blood pressure), Stethoscope, Weighting machine, Microscope, Treadmill, Blood T.C. and D.C. counters, W.B.C. and R.B.C. pipettes etc. to provide the opportunity of primary findings on the health parameters of students, teachers and other persons concerned.

For providing students adequate resources to excel in sports and games by creating a favourable environment imbibing on the ethics of sportsmanship various items like chess, carom, badminton, volley ball, foot ball, cricket etc. have been included here. Due professional competence can be developed through such physical and emotional culture.
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