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Teaching Staff (B.Ed) :
Dr. Gouranga MondalPrincipalM.A(Sans)-50.38%, M.Ed.-67.23%, B.Ed.- 61.3%, Ph.D
Sabina YasminAsst. Prof. in Foundations of Education (Method)M.A.(Edu)-60.5%, B.Ed.-69%, M.Ed.-74.75%
Ahamed Ali MollickAsst. Prof. in Foundations of EducationM.A.(Edu)-64.20%, B.Ed.- 73.07%
Azharuddin MollaAsst. Prof. in Foundations of EducationM.A(Edu)-72.85%, B.Ed- 81.25%, NET Qualified.
Najma ParveenAsst. Prof. in Foundations of EducationM.A.(Edu)-74.67%, B.Ed- 88.95%, SET Qualified.
Biswajit DasAsst. Prof. in Language (Bengali)M.A.-53.50%, B.Ed.-66.20, M.Ed.-61.50%, NET Qualified.
Joynal SardarAsst. Prof. in Language (English)M.A(Eng)-62.12%, M.Ed-66.42%, B.Ed- 57.9%
Firozuddin AhammedAsst. Prof. in Language (Arabic)M.A(Arabic)-50.1%, M.Ed-65.07%, B.Ed- 61.7%
Debjit SarkarAsst. Prof. in Social Science (History)M.A(Hist)- 57.50%, B.Ed- 65.28%, M.Ed- 64.10%, NET Qualified.
Sk Nazmul AlamAsst. Prof. in Social Science (Geography)M.Sc(Geo)- 71.08%, B.Ed- 77.80%, M.Ed- 79.30%, NET Qualified.
Amita RanaAsst. Prof. in Social Science (Philosophy)M.A(Philo)- 67.50%, B.Ed- 84.80%, M.Ed- 73.30%, SLET Qualified.
Luthfor AliAsst. Prof. in Science (Physical Science)M.Sc(Chem)-55.70%, B.Ed.- 70%, M.Ed.- 73.95%, NET Qualified.
Debika BhattacharjeeAsst. Prof. in Science (Life Science)M.Sc.(Life Sc.)-72.10%, B.Ed.-76.78, M.Ed.-76.30%, NET Qualified.
Srikanta DasAsst. Prof. in MathematicsM.Sc(Math)-62.9%, M.Ed-66.28%, B.Ed- 73.5%, NET Qualified.
Kartik ShitAsst. Prof. in MathematicsM.Sc(Math)-66.20%, B.Ed.- 75.20%, M.Ed-72.90%, SET Qualified.
Gora RayAsst. Prof. in Fine-Arts.M.A(Visual Art)-55%, B.Ed.- 75%.
Tanusree SarkarAsst. Prof. in Performing-Art.M.A(Music)-58.6%
Azizul HaqueAsst. Prof. in Health & Physical EducationM.Ped-57.25%, B.P.Ed.- 71%, NET Qualified.
Puja HalderLibrarianM.A(Edu)-50.40%, B.Lis.- 62.50%, M.Lis.- 59.22%
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